4 best places to have your boiler installed

A boiler installation can be a critical life investment. It’s a decision that demands research, advice and lots of time. But choosing the right boiler is only half the struggle, as you then need to decide where in your home to install it. So where exactly is the best place for a boiler?

You can realistically set up a boiler anywhere in your house. But whatever ideas you may have, it’s important to run them by a registered gas safe engineer first before making a final choice. A professional gas safe expert can advise you on the most practical, cost-saving and safest option, while also giving you their take on available boiler products and services.

A boiler installed in the wrong location can clash with your home interiors, cause unwanted noise and make everyday life difficult. This can be prevented by moving the boiler out of sight into a more secluded part of your property. Here are some of the most popular spots in the house to set up a boiler.

The kitchen

This is pretty much the most obvious place to keep a domestic boiler. Most boilers today can easily fit into your standard kitchen cupboard, allowing for easy access and maintenance. A cupboard keeps the boiler and its connected pipes out of sight while hiding any noise that may be produced by the equipment. However, if your kitchen is just too small for a boiler, you might want to look into another practical location to house your boiler instead.

The Garage/Loft/Outbuilding

These locations are not too close to your everyday living space, and installing your boiler here will free up some space in another part of your home. But while an outbuilding, garage or loft could be a smart location for a boiler, it is important to calculate where the condensate will drain to, while having the equipment protected against extreme cold. You should also consider the maintenance problems that may pop up by setting up your boiler in a location that’s too difficult to access.


The bathroom is a great place to have your boiler in, as it readily allows the boiler access to a waste pipe while generally not being too close to other doors and windows. If you do decide to have your boiler in the bathroom, make sure it fits in with the design and feel of your bathroom. You can protect the boiler from the humidity by having it in a cupboard where its electric components will be far off from any water.


You can install a boiler in the bedroom, but make sure that you also set up a carbon monoxide alarm in the room with it. Though highly unlikely, boilers can sometimes leak off carbon monoxide – a highly poisonous gas. It also makes sense to have your boiler set up within a wardrobe or cupboard to block out any unwanted noises from the boiler while you’re sleeping.

Makes of Boilers

There are also loads of differents makes and models of boiler some bigger and wider than others so choosing the right boiler for the location the boiler is going into must be included when having a boiler installed, here are just a few boiler makes.

Vaillant boilers – Ideal Boilers – Baxi Boilers – Worcester Boilers