Terms and Conditions


1. If during the course of our work any further work becomes necessary, because for example, matters come to light, which could not have been foreseen during our initial assessment, which will cause an increase in cost, we will let you know what these extra costs will be and will only carry out additional works once we have your acceptance. If the costs increase significantly, you will have the right to cancel the contract. You will however be charged for any work already carried out, and parts or materials used up until the time you cancel. 2. We will carry out the work in accordance with our quotation with reasonable care and skill using sound materials. 3. We will ensure that all members of our team are competent, properly trained and courteous. 4. We will do everything within our power to keep to the time slot agreed when the booking was made, normally within a 2-3 hour time period (e.g. 9-11am, 1-4pm), but unfortunately we cannot always judge correctly the length of time that each job will take, or any unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or accidents, however we will always try to keep you informed of the situation. 5. We will make every effort to complete the work by any time agreed with you. You must appreciate, however, that sometimes delays may occur for reason beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for those delays. If such delays occur we will complete the work as soon as possible. 6. In addition to your statutory rights we will, if we can, pass on to you the benefits of any guarantees provided by a manufacturer or supplier of any parts or materials used in the course of our work. 7. If we agree to make good any damage caused in the course of our work to plaster, floors or brickwork etc we will do so to a standard that will accept redecoration. Where damage is deemed to be caused by negligence of the company’s operative, we will make good, or offer compensation, or pass details to our insurers. Cuts or holes made to allow for equipment will, where possible be made good. Floorboards removed will be refitted where possible. 8. We will take away whenever possible all materials removed during the course of our work and all rubble and rubbish unless you wish us to leave any of it.


1. You will ensure that all furniture, furnishings, fixture and fittings are removed so that we can carry out our work, unless we have agreed to do this as part of the work. 2. You will cover and protect all furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings, which are not removed. 3. You will obtain all permissions and consents (for example from your landlord or the local authority) that are required before the work can be carried out. 4. You will provide, at no cost to us, an electricity supply of 220/240 volts with a three-pin point within 10 meter’s of the place where our work is being carried out.


1. We do not undertake structural or any other type of building survey. If therefore the work cannot be completed or damage is caused through structural or other defects in your property, we cannot be held responsible for this. 2. Where we agree to carry out work to part of a system, we assume that the rest of the system is in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or extra work required if this is not so. 3. With most types of work, it is usually the case that some damage will be caused to decorative finishes such as paintwork and wallpaper. We will take all reasonable steps to avoid this, but cannot be held responsible for any damage, which occurs even though we have taken those steps. 4. Our work will not include the fixing of specialist flooring or the putting back of furniture, furnishings, fixtures or fittings unless we agree to do this as part of the work. 5. Some customers do not accept the advice that we give and ask us to carry out work, which in our view is not the best way of proceeding. If you ask us to proceed in such a way and we agree to do so, our liability (if any), arising from such work shall take into account the reservations expressed by us, the advice that we gave, the price paid by you for the work that we actually carried out and the price that you would have paid for the work that we would have carried out, had our advice been accepted. 6. If we remove parts or materials that may be subject to claims by us against manufacturers or suppliers, we may not be able to leave them with you.


1. Payment for the work that we have carried out will be due to the engineer on completion, the only exceptions are authorised account customers. 2. If you do not pay us when you should, we may charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on any outstanding amounts. 3. Our charges are calculated on either: – 1.A time and materials basic at the agreed labour rate, or 2.A fixed price (Quotation) 3.The labour rate starts from the time our engineer enters your property, if after the engineer has diagnosed the appliance faults, he feels he can give you a ‘Fixed Price Quotation’ then he may do this, if you accept his Quotation he will ask you to sign acknowledging the quote, the works will proceed and the quoted price will be payable on completion. 4. If you want the works to continue on a agreed labour rate (normally per Hour, excludes Drainage) plus materials, you should advise the engineer. 5. labour charges are calculated in units of 60 minutes, a period of less than a full unit being charged as a full unit. We make a minimum charge of one Hour. 6. Any estimate given by us to you before we start work, will be given in good faith in the light of our assessment of the work to be carried out and taking into account all of the information then available to us. Unless a fixed price (Quotation) is agreed, our actual charges will be calculated upon the time spent, at the agreed labour rates and the charges for materials agreed between us at the time you booked the works. 7. Please check the work when it is finished and satisfy yourself that it accords with your instructions. You will then be asked to sign an acceptance note. We will then guarantee our workmanship and parts supplied for a period of *90 Days from the date of your invoice. Note: Shaws plumbing and heating guarantee does not cover drain clearance.* Unless otherwise stated on your Invoice or Quote Sheet


1. We try hard to always get it right but we are human and sometimes mistakes do occur. If you think that something has gone wrong, please contact our Customer Care department by telephoning our main number, 2. There are some things you can do to help ensure that everything goes smoothly. 3. Let us have as much information as possible about the work you want carried out. If we are being asked to repair an installation that has broken down, please let us have as much information as possible about the circumstances of the breakdown. 4. Some faults can be found easily, others may be difficult to locate or only occur intermittently. In some cases, we may have to carry out a considerable amount of preliminary work before a fault is found. Sometimes we do magic. Some times even miracles but in most cases we must acknowledge that we are simply human and have to work hard to get the right result. 5. When faced with a choice between an expensive repair or replacement and a cheaper repair, please bear in mind that the expensive solution may be better value for money in the long run. 6. Take an interest in the work when it is carried out, if you are not happy with something, please say so immediately so that it can be sorted out before the work continues. 7. Please check the work when it is finished and satisfy yourself that it accords with your instructions. You will then be asked to sign an acceptance note. 8. Take note of any advice that is given to you and retain any guarantees, or other documents that the engineer may have handed to you.


1. If you wish to make a complaint, please check first of all that the matter about which you are concerned does come within the scope of the work that we have carried out. If there is still something that you wish to take up with us, please contact our customer care department by telephoning the number set out overleaf. We will then look into your complaint. If your complaint is about something that we cannot sort out over the telephone, we will advise you to put it in writing to our customer care department at the address set out below or overleaf. 2. If the complaint arises out of something for which we are liable, we will put matters right as soon as reasonably possible at no cost to you. 3. If we undertake work in response to a complaint that does not arise out of work that we have carried out, then we will make a charge to you. 4. When we attend to look into your complaint, you will first be asked to sign that you agree to pay for the visit and any works carried out if it is found that the complaint arises out of something for which we are not liable 5. Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact 0333 241 3209 or via their website http://www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org/which-trusted-traders-partnership/ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE: Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating 31 Harvest Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP21 9FA