Central Heating Smart Controls

Time To Get Smart

The central heating Smart Controls sector undoubtedly is expected to be one of the boom areas in the heating industry, Smart
Thermostats like the Nest Thermostat are just one of many that are the latest trend in home heating, there are many different brands
available with each one working in slightly different ways.
Heating your home is the biggest portion of most people domestic energy bills, which rises even more during winter months. Installing a Smart
Thermostat will give you more control over your central heating and some can also control your hot water, the more control you have the greater savings
you can make.
What is a Smart Thermostat
A Smart Thermostat is a device that is connected in to your central heating system and also connected to your internet, you can then access your
central heating and hot water via a smart phone and switch off your heating and hot water when away from the home, or you can switch it on when you are
about to return home.

You can also monitor the home temperature to keep it at that certain degrees you would like for your home animals.

Most Smart Thermostats also have a frost protection setting which can be set to stop your home and pipes freezing during the winter.

Some Smart Thermostat can even supply you with useful information like your usage and can also learn your routine.
The benefits from installing a smart thermostat.
1. Adjusting your Central heating thermostat in your home from the comfort of your sofa.

2. Turn on and off your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world via the thermostat app.

3. Get reports of your energy use.

4. Save money.

5. Some thermostats even give you weather updates and advise on even further possible savings.
Never again will you leave the house and forget to turn off the heating or hot water, now you can simply open the thermostat app and you have full
control over your heating system as if you where standing right in front of it.

if your schedule changes you can adjust the time you would like the heating to come on so that you are not heating a empty house.
If you are looking to install a Smart Thermostat in your home then Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating recommend the Nest Thermostat, contact us on:

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