ErP Directive, September 2015

Everything is supposed to change starting from the 26th of September 2015 when ErP will be implemented on all heating and hot water appliances
which include boilers. These new requirements fall for all water storage tanks that have capacities less than 2000 liters.

Why Was ErP Set Up?

The ErP was set up so as to work with the emission target – the goal is to lower emissions by 20% and raise the renewable energies by 20% again till we
reach the year 2020. The starting point of this was when back in January you had to fit A- class standalone pumps in your boiler installations.

For those who do not know, there are two parts of this directive: Ecodesign and Energy Labeling. Ecodesign sets the minimum criteria on energy performance
and related products. This is liable for everything that is sold in the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors in the EEA (European Economic Area).

Energy Labeling on the other hand calls for appliances having an efficiency band on the energy label. These labels are based on the environmental
information, like energy consumption annually.

The big advantage is that the ErP directive will clear out the differences between appliances. The energy labels will differ as they will have colored bars
in the background showing the efficiency level of each product, with green being the highest efficient and red being the least.


Manufacturers are only responsible as far as labeling each individual product while installers’ job is to label the heating system. At Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating, we calculate a system of efficiency figure which is based on components of the system; this figure is then added into the package label so as to
finish the installation.

The ErP directive will make it a lot easier and clearer for both users and installers to be able to select the most efficient products, in turn cutting
down fuel bills and carbon emissions. In addition to all that, it will also improve on the methods of the installations since taking care of the efficiency
of an entire system means that you are complying with the best standards out there.

Shaw’s Plumbing is preparing for the new and improved changes as by the directive and by the time all the customers will be benefiting from the low
emissions, as well as cost and energy savings.

Will It Affect the Average Consumer

There are some appliances in the market right now, especially heating products, that are not able to fulfill these requirements, starting September this
year, you will not be seeing them anymore. This will speed up the transition that the directive aims to make from conventional heating that we are all used
to, to efficient fuel cell technology. So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us today and let us know about any Boiler replacements, repairs, or new installations you want done at home.