FlowSave Valve – Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money

The Guardian FlowSave Valve is a thermostatic valve which is installed on the hot water outlet of a Combi Boiler and it automatically limits the flow of water from an average 10-12 Litres per minute down too just 3 lites per minute, when the required temperature of 42 degrees has been achieved the FlowSave Valve will fully open and allow the water to return to full flow to all taps and showers.

This is done using revolutionary flow-stabilisation technology and thermostats, once fitted there is no maintenance involved and the valve can save you up to £4000.00 over the 15 years lifespan of your central heating boiler.

As we all know Water and Gas prices are steadily rising and we are all looking for a way of saving money and reducing our bills, Having a FlowSave Valve Fitted to your existing Combi Boiler or newly installed Combi Boiler can save a average household up to £200.00 a year on Gas and Water charges and the FlowSave Valve can be fitted within minutes.

  • 85% of homes in the UK are heated by Gas
  • Gas prices are set to climb – up to 10.4%
  • Water charges increase by 3.5%
  • Uk fuel prices rise by over 140% over 10 years

The benefits of fitting a Guardian FlowSave Valve.

  1. Save up to £200.00 per year
  2. Save Water – up to 50,000 Litres per household per year
  3. Save Energy – up to 315kg of CO2 per year
  4. Save Gas – up to 1,500kwh or up to £70.00 in gas charges
  5. Save Time – up to 20 hours per year not waiting for the hot water.

The FlowSave Valve comes with a 15 year product guarantee, you only need one fitted per Combi Boiler, No more waiting for hot water and wasting water at the same time.

To Arrange a Guardian FlowSave Valve to be installed to your existing Combi boiler or newly installed Combi boiler ask a member of our staff / Engineers at Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating