Have you considered the benefits of a Unvented Cylinder?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest money saving tips and advice here at Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating. That way, we can expand the products and services we provide to our customers and business clients in the Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Oxford areas.

One product that lots of our customers request nowadays is a Unvented Hot Water Cylinder, to replace traditional hot water tanks in older properties. The great benefit of these systems is that they work direct from cold water mains supplies and hot water cylinder is heated and produced when required, using preferred energy sources such as gas or electricity.

The popularity of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders are on the rise.

Instantaneous water heaters are commonly known as tankless heaters and we’re getting increasing numbers of customers opting for this solution. Popular brands include Megaflo and Range, but you will need a qualified plumber to fit your system.

What is a Unvented Hot Water Cylinder?

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder are a space-saving alternative to traditional immersion heaters and water tanks. They are an affordable option and will also save you money over the longer term, as you won’t need to ensure you constantly have a tank of hot water available in your home or office.

With a Unvented Hot Water Cylinder, there’s never a problem sourcing the hot water needed for daily living and they are also an environmentally friendly option for consumers as they cut out the need to have a cold storage water tank.

As there’s no cold water storage tank requirement with Unvented Hot Water Cylinder systems, they are a flexible solution for any kind of home or office. And, what’s more, they produce great flow hot water all the times it’s needed. These space-saving water heaters can be installed in most locations.

Units can be connected to smart controls, which enables quick and easy monitoring of all energy use and simple solutions for changing water temperatures. You can access your Wi-Fi enabled tankless water system from any location.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder are extremely durable, and can offer decades of use in any home or office. You can also opt for Unvented Hot Water Cylinders powered by natural gas, electricity, or propane gas. They truly are the flexible solution needed by modern consumers.

You will need to have your system installed by a qualified plumber G3 registered and the experts at Shaw’s Plumbing and Heating will happily advise you on the different models available to suit your needs exactly.