How To Repressurise A Baxi Boiler

The normal operating pressure for your Baxi boiler is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar. A reading of 1/0 to 1/5 bar is ideal and will ensure that your boiler and central heating are working at maximum efficiency. Should the pressure drop below 1.0 bar, then you’ll need to repressurise your boiler. It’s a relatively simple procedure whether your system or combi boiler uses a rigid or flexible filling loop, or the Easy-Fill permanent filling link.

Repressurise your boiler using a rigid loop

• Always turn off the power supply to the boiler first.
• Look underneath your boiler and identify the two silver taps with end caps. Unscrew the end caps by turning anti-clockwise, using a spanner if necessary.
• Next, fit the filling loop. This is a small rigid piece of pipe with rubber washers at each end. Make sure the washers are seated properly and never use the filling loop if the washers are missing. Position the filling loop between the two silver taps where you removed the end caps and tighten the two wing nuts until the loop is held firmly in place.
• Turn the left hand tap until it’s fully open, then access the boiler control panel so you can see the boiler pressure gauge. Begin to open the right-hand tap slowly to allow the water to enter the system.
• When the pressure on the gauge reaches 1.0 bar, shut off the right-hand tap and then the left-hand tap. 
• Make sure both taps are fully closed before removing the filling loop by unscrewing the wingnuts – place a small bowl under your boiler to catch any drips – then replace the end caps and tighten.

Repressurise your boiler using a flexible loop

The procedure is the same as for repressurising your boiler with a rigid loop, except you’ll use a braided flexible loop – similar to the type of flexible snakes used for plumbing – to connect the two taps which are at the end of copper pipes. Make sure both taps are fully closed before attaching and detaching the flexible loop.

Repressurise your boiler using an Easy-Fill permanent filling link

• If you see an error code E118 on your boiler control panel, then the pressure is too low. You’ll need to repressurise the system.
• Operate the green lever until the pressure has risen to 1.0 bar then shut off. Place a bowl underneath the boiler to catch any drips.
• Never increase the pressure beyond 1.5 bar as you can damage your boiler and your central heating system.

Although repressurising your boiler is relatively straightforward, if you’re at all uncomfortable with the procedure contact Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating and we’ll be happy to repressurise your system for you. You can find more information and advice on our previous blog pages.