How To RePressurise Your Central Heating Boiler

This is the time of year where you may require to repressurise your central heating boiler, there are a number of ways that a heating system may be repressurised. Follow these easy steps to help you.

  1. Via the boilers internal filling loop: There are many different types of boilers out there in the market and we would recommend referring to your manufacturers instructions on how to repressure your heating system via the boilers internal filling loop, or if you are still having trouble then contact Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating on 0800 8 247 585 where we would be glad to help.
  2. Via an external filling loop: Some heating system have an external central heating filling loop that is connected to the mains water supply pipe and linked in to the central heating pipe by a flexible connector. To correctly establish whether your heating system needs re-pressurising firstly you need to turn off your central heating and hot water and let the boiler cool down, once the system has cooled down you need to look at the pressure gauge which will be at the boiler or next to the external filling loop, if the pressure reading is below 1bar then you will require to open up the filling loop and top up the pressure to between 1 bar and 1.5 bar then close the filling loop.
  3. Checking your radiators for air: Start at the furthest radiator from your boiler, find the bleed point normally on the side of the radiator, open up the bleed point with a radiator bleed key and release the air from the radiator until you get water coming out of the bleed point being careful no to spray water on the walls and carpet and do not undo the bleed pip all the way as you may lose it, repeat this process on all radiators and rechecking the pressure as you go.
  4. Running your heating system: Once the heating system has been topped up and all radiators and bleed points have been bleed of air you may need to reset your boiler, this may be required if the pressure dropped to low, most boilers have a reset button or can be reset by switching of the power and back on again, if this still does not work then referr the the manufacturers instructions. Then switch on your heating and hot water and wait for it all to heat up.

These simple checks can save you a engineers fee but remember if you feel unsure about topping up your heating system yourself then you are best to call Shaw’s plumbing and heating as incorrectly topping up your heating system can cause you further issues that may require a engineers visit. Our Heating engineers are fully qualified, fully insured and Gas Safe Registered call us on 0800 8 247 585  we are your local and reliable heating engineer in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.