Landlords Required To fit CO and Smoke Alarms By Law

A new law was introduced in England on 1st October 2015. Legislation now forces landlords to fit Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms in all their

  • Landlords must fit a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm in every room with a soild fuel burning appliance.
  • Landlords must also fit a Smoke Alarm on every storey.
  • Both the Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke Alarm needs to be checked, tested and working on the start of each tenancy and rechecked on every annual
    service and gas safety check.
  • Landlords can face penalties of upto £5000.00 by the relevant Local Authority for those that flaunt the rule.

Landlords have a wide varieties of different types of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms on the market ranging from the cheaper 12 month battery operated
alarms or the more expensive sealed lithium batteries which can last upto 7-10 years.

The Legislation does not say which type of alarms you must install, infact this has been left as the following: “Landlords should make an informed decision
and choose the best alarms for their properties and tenants”

It is recommended that the British Standard BS EN 50292: 2013 should be adhered to when fitting Carbon Monoxide Alarms in domestic properties and British
Standard BS 5839-6: 2013 should be adhered to when fitting Smoke Alarms.

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