Our New Fully Responsive Website

Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating have just launched our brand new fully responsive website which is now LIVE, users who search for us and browse through our website on a mobile device can now easily scroll through the website and access our services more easily.

To view the new responsive website please visit www.shawsplumbingandheating.co.uk from any computer, mobile or tablet device.

Why it is important to us to have a fully responsive website

  1. Increased Visits, Google has now started labelling websites that are optimized for mobile viewing in searches results as “mobile friendly” failing to have a mobile friendly website can have a negative impact on your website’s click through rate (CTR)
  2. Mobile Rankings, Google has already started penalizing websites in mobile searches that are not mobile friendly by dropping them lower in the search ranking and giving mobile friendly websites a increase in the search rankings.
  3. Revenue Increase, if you have a mobile friendly website due to the increase in mobile searches you will benefit from the increase in search rankings and click throughs which will increase your revenue, customers these days are looking for a website that is easy to navigate through so they can find exactly what they are looking for quickly.

A report from comScore reports that we are well past the tripping point as mobile now overtakes fixed internet access.

More people are using mobiles and tablet devices for searching on the internet and this is set to increase, more than 80% of people own a smart phone.
61% of mobile internet users will leave a website if it is not mobile friendly.
67% more likely to buy from a mobile friendly wesite.
74% more likely to revisit a mobile friendly website.

This is why Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating Have gone Mobile Friendly with a fully responsive website
Visit us on your mobile, tablet or computer