Saving money tips and advice – regular boiler maintenance

No matter how old your boiler is, regular maintenance will help keep it in the best possible condition. Poorly maintained boilers are more likely to break down, will increase your energy bills, and can pose a threat to the health and safety of you and your family. As well as saving money, these tips and advice can help ensure that your home is warm and your family are safe.

Regular cleaning

Like everywhere in the home, the boiler attracts dust. You can clean the outside of the boiler yourself, but you should consider hiring a professional to clean it properly inside. This can coincide with annual servicing, which will further enable you to enjoy a long life from your boiler.

Don’t crowd the boiler

Boilers need ventilation to continue operating, and to operate efficiently. This means that if you crowd your boiler with too much junk, cardboard boxes, clothes, or other items, you could reduce its efficiency. Initially, this might lead to higher heating bills, but eventually it could cause the boiler to breakdown. Covering the boiler may be a health and safety hazard too!

Get repairs done quickly

Small boiler problems can quickly escalate and become major issues. Catch problems early and get the professionals in to fix them. This will keep down overall and long-term repair and maintenance costs and it will ensure everybody is safe.

Bleeding radiators

Proper maintenance of your radiators helps ensure the efficiency of your boiler. If your radiators are not working efficiently, it means that your boiler is having to work harder to maintain a desirable temperature. You can bleed radiators yourself by opening the valves and allowing trapped air out of the system.

Annual servicing

Hire a professional gas-safe plumber to conduct an annual service of your boiler. Plumbers, and the checks they conduct, can help identify problems much sooner than you see them. This means that they can identify an issue before it even becomes a problem, reducing costs and maintaining the efficiency of your boiler.