The latest central heating news

If you’re looking for plumbing and heating latest news and updates, look no further. With the colder weather now upon us, it’s no surprise that central heating has hit the headlines in recent weeks – read on for a round-up of recent stories.

Extra layers instead of heating for southerners

New research shows that – despite there currently only being 2 degrees difference in temperature – those living in the north are far more likely than southerners to switch on the central heating when cold. Three-quarters of those living in southern England say they put a jumper on before turning on the heating, compared with 69% of Scots – while the research also shows that over a third of northerners first cranked up the heating in September, compared with one in five of those living in London.

Could a simple filter lower your heating bills?

The cost of central heating continues to rise – but there’s one handy hint that could save you money. Black sludge can build up in boilers over time: a result of rust from various parts of the heating system which can set and cause radiators to become blocked. There is a solution that doesn’t involve a new expensive boiler, though – a simple £80 filter fitted by a qualified heating engineer can collect this rust, making your heating system more efficient. When your annual boiler service comes around, the filter is cleaned and continues to do its job.

Is your fixed energy deal about to expire?

Research from MoneySupermarket at the end of November showed that 63 fixed energy deals were set to expire before the middle of January – meaning that the hundreds of thousands of households currently on these deals would be switched to a more expensive standard rate. Their advice? Shop around for a better deal, which could see savings of up to £300 over the winter months, compared with those standard tariffs.

A quarter of over-65s plan to upgrade their central heating

New research from Key Retirement shows that over-65s are planning on spending an average of £10,400 on home improvements to make sure their home is ready for when they retire. It’s driven by an increased desire to stay in their own homes, and a quarter of those planning on making changes are preparing to upgrade their central heating systems as a key part of the task.

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