Toilet Problems From Leakages To Blockages

Is it time to replace your toilet?

Toilets are built to last, so the chances are the thought of replacing one has never crossed your mind! But like everything, there comes a point when replacing it is the only option. As plumbing experts, we’ve highlighted some common signs and problems that may occur, which could lead to you replacing your toilet.

Endless leaks

Bad seals, broken flanges and cracks in the tank can all result in constant leaks. A flood of water can be caused by the smallest of porcelain cracks, which could result in further damage being caused to your bathroom like rot or serious structural damage. If you spot a crack that’s unfixable, then replace your toilet sooner rather than later to avoid a nightmare further down the line.

Continuous clogging

The older your toilet, the greater chance of clogging. If you’re having to use the plunger on a regular basis, then it’s probably time to invest in a more powerful toilet with dual flush technology.

Save water and money

A modern high-efficiency toilet can save you a few quid on your utility bills each year. By using less water, newer toilets are eco-friendly. So if you’re looking to save money in the long run, ditch your old loo and invest in something more modern.

Rocking toilet

A wobbly toilet is usually one of two things; either the bolts securing the toilet to the floor have come loose, or worse case scenario, long-term water damage has caused the floor to rot. The latter could be catastrophic, resulting in the entire bathroom being stripped out and replaced, a costly and stressful situation.

A bathroom redesign

Your current toilet may be functioning completely fine, but from time to time we all fancy a change. A redesign and refit could help modernise your bathroom and add value to your home.

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