Winter 2014/15 Boiler Service ‘MOT’

Winter 2014/15 is fast approaching and now is the ideal time to book in your annual boiler service ‘MOT’ as some people call it, a boiler that is not serviced regular is more susceptible to regular breakdowns and is less efficient and can sometimes even be dangerous.
Regular checks can significantly improve the proformance of the boiler and with many manufacturers now offering extended warranties with there boilers the importance of a boiler service is even greater as a non serviced boiler will invalidate any warranty.

Benifits of servicing a boiler:

  1. When a boiler is serviced the engineer can identify any possible issues with any parts in the boiler before it become a boiler breakdown which can save the homeowner the cost of a call out engineer attending.
  2. As energy prices are always rising a clean and efficient boiler will help to keep those costs down.
  3. If you are a landlord or landlady it is now the law to have the boiler inspected and serviced every 12 months.
  4. Brings the added assurance of reliability and safety.
  5. Maintaining any warranty on the boiler.
  6. Keep upto date with new regulations.

Weather forecasters are predicting that this winter is set to be the ‘coldest for more than a century’ as Britain faces an Arctic Freeze with heavy and presistent snow, freezing gales and sub zero tempertures which could grind the country to a standstill for up to 5 months.
Britons have been warned not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the recent mild conditions.

January is currently showing signs of tempertures hitting a record breaking low of -27C (-17F) and this means that a boiler that has been serviced and is working correctly will keep you home warm over the winter months.

So dont delay give Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating Boiler Service Engineers a call today on FreePhone: 0800 8 247585 – Mobile Friendly: 0333 444 8 247 to arrange a suitable time, Our Engineers cover the Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Oxford, North West London and surrounding areas.

Dont Let it be you that needs to call us out in the middle of the cold night for a boiler breakdown.