What happens when you flush your central heating?

A surprisingly large number of people have no idea that sludge and other debris can build up in a central heating system. And even fewer realise that one act of simple maintenance every decade or so can prolong the life of that central heating system as well as reduce heating bills and save money overall.

Flushing your central heating

The way to do this is to flush all that debris and muck out of the system. This is one job that isn’t actually as expensive as householders might think. All it requires is a good central heating flushing machine and a bit of expertise. Although this is a job that anyone can do themselves if they are competent at DIY, it is still a lot wiser to get a professional in to do the job.

Why use a central heating flushing machine?

A clean system will keep your boiler in peak condition, and it will result in better heat distribution around the house. No more radiator cold spots or hot water that isn’t quite that hot. Even if your house doesn’t suffer from any of these issues, a regular flush out is good maintenance and will extend the life of your boiler. Generally when it comes to tips and advice on saving money, this is one job that will cut back on energy as well as repair bills in the long term.

How does it work?

Power flushing uses chemicals, at least in the first two flushes. You are also putting enough water through the system to fill a full sized bath in under 60 seconds, so any weak spots in the system will be exposed. You can quickly and efficiently limit any damage by having this done by someone who professionally provides plumbing and heating services, such as Shaw’s.

If you have a combi boiler system, and many households do, then you’d need to be very sure of your own abilities before attempting to flush the central heating on your own. A leak on the pump connector will send water directly into the electrics, for example.

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